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Dry & Wet Rot Treatment London

Dry & Wet Rot Treatment London

Dry and Wet Rot are fungi that attack damp timber. It is generally agreed that wet rot is considerably less severe than dry rot although they can be started in very similar ways with damp timber providing the ideal growing conditions for the both. The primary difference between the two fungi is that dry rot will actively search for more nutrients via masonry whereas wet rot will generally contain itself to the source. The Dry Rot fungus, left unchecked without proofing, can be extremely destructive to structural timbers. Primarily caused by internal leaks in the vicinity of structural mainly softwood timbers, dry rot is fast growing and will spread along masonry and behind plaster in its search for more nutrients.

One of the main problems with dry rot is its ability to remain unseen for long periods of time with the average homeowner unaware of its existence until such point as significant damage has been done. Its Latin name “Serpula Lacrymans” when is roughly translated as ‘Creeping – Making tears’.

Often misdiagnosed by homeowners, symptoms of the dry rot fungus can range from cuboidal cracking of the affected timbers, a white fluffy growth (often with droplets of water on its surface) resembling cotton wool and a terracotta orange fungal mass which releases similar colour spores into the air and local area. All these visual signs are normally accompanied by a strong musty mushroom smell.

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