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Type A Basement Waterproofing

When waterproofing residential basements, there are three main methods known as Type A basement waterproofing, Type B basement waterproofing and Type C basement waterproofing. These methods provide protection to prevent groundwater from entering the basement or below ground structures and causing water ingress. The application of each waterproofing systems depends on the structure, ground conditions and the intended use of the building.

Your basement may require waterproofing if the structure of the building is subject to groundwater pressure bearing on the structure. When left untreated groundwater can enter the structure, causing the surfaces of the walls and floors of the basement to become damp or even cause flooding. Once installed correctly, most basement waterproofing systems usually have a guarantee of around ten years, providing the system is serviced and maintained as necessary.

What is Type A (Barrier) Waterproofing System?

Type A Basement waterproofing uses a barrier system to keep a space dry and is considered the traditional method for waterproofing the basements of residential homes in the UK.

This method protects against groundwater ingress when water infiltrates property through the basement by installing a separate barrier system that is applied to the structure. This type of barrier protection, sometimes known as Tanking depending on the form, requires the application of waterproof material to the external walls and floor of the basement to form a barrier between the groundwater and structure.

Depending on the chosen material, Type A barrier protection can involve applying the waterproofing material to either the internal or external surfaces of the wall or floor. Applying the material to both the internal and external wall or surface can provide a double layer of protection against water ingress. Some materials can be applied in between the wall and floor surfaces too, this Type A waterproofing technique is known as sandwiched waterproofing.

When applied correctly, the barrier waterproofing system can effectively withstand groundwater from entering the basement under pressure. A thorough assessment and survey of the structure must be carried out to ensure the building is suitable for applying a Type A waterproofing system.

Some of the materials and products suitable for Type A Basement waterproofing include:

  • Bonded Sheet Membranes
  • Liquid Applied Membranes
  • Multi-Coat Renders
  • Bitumen Based Coatings
  • Geosynthetic Bentonite Clay Liners
  • Cementitious Slurries and Powders

Contact Refresh PSC for Type A Basement Waterproofing Services

Refresh Property Services and Consultants, provides a professional and thorough basement waterproofing service in London and the surrounding areas.

Our experience and systematic approach to basement tanking and structural waterproofing ensure that at the design stage of the waterproofing system, all remedial work is effective and adheres to British Standards (BS8102:2009).

We understand the importance of correct assessment when designing waterproof systems for basements as each property is structurally unique, and all of our surveyors are an accredited CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing). You can, therefore, be sure that with Refresh PSC, you’ll receive a professional service and the right basement waterproofing method will be applied.

To book a site survey, consultation and receive a no-obligation quote on our London basement waterproofing services, call our friendly team today on 020 8959 6424.

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