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Type B Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing a basement involves keeping residential basements or cellars dry by preventing water from penetrating the building’s below ground structures and causing water ingress. There are three main methods for waterproofing basements, known as Type A, B and C. The application of which basement waterproofing method depends on the structure of the building, current ground conditions and the intended use of the property.

Your residential basement may require the application of one of the three waterproofing techniques if the building’s structure is impacted by groundwater pressure. If left untreated, groundwater can enter the basement causing the walls and floor to become damp, or in the worst cases, flooding.

Once installed correctly and by a professional, basement waterproofing systems will provide strong protection with a guarantee of around ten years.

What is Type B Basement Waterproofing?

Type B Basement Waterproofing refers to a structurally integral waterproofing protection system for basements, cellars and other below-ground spaces.

Essentially, this method’s protection against water ingress is provided by the structure and relies on the design and materials used in the external shell of the building’s structure. Type B Waterproofing protection should always be constructed of structural steel or reinforced water-resistant concrete for guaranteed protection against groundwater entering the building.

This method of waterproofing is an inbuilt characteristic of the actual structure, reinforced by ensuring the concrete material used for the floors and walls of the structure contains waterproofing additives and is of low-permeability.

Unlike Type A barrier waterproofing systems, Type B Basement waterproofing are more concerned with the design of the structure and place extra importance on the quality of the preparation and application of the concrete. This is to avoid potential seepage where there are poor joints, cracks, service penetrations, permeable concrete or honeycombing from lack of compaction and other discontinuities.

Type B waterproofing is often backed up by combining Type A barrier protection, Type C waterproofing or both in order to combat these potential weak spots and minimise the risk of water ingress.

Contact Refresh PSC for Type B Basement Waterproofing

If your London property requires protection against groundwater pressure and flooding, then our professional and thorough basement waterproofing service may be the answer.

At Refresh PSC, we’re able to provide a range of waterproofing systems including structurally integral Type B Basement waterproofing systems. We understand each property is unique and the importance of ensuring the property is assessed correctly, and the waterproofing system is designed to provide effective protection for the construction type.

The waterproofing services we install are in line with British standards (BS8102:2009). All of our Refresh PSC consultants are CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) accredited and possess the experience and qualifications necessary to assess, specify and install the correct waterproofing system required.

Receive a no-obligation quote on our London-based basement waterproofing services when you book a site survey and consultation with one of our waterproofing experts at Refresh PSC

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