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Type C Basement Waterproofing

There are three main methods for protecting residential basements, cellars and other below-ground spaces from water ingress, these are known as Type A Basement Waterproofing, Type B Basement Waterproofing and Type C Basement Waterproofing systems. The application of these methods can depend on factors such as the structure and design of the building, the ground conditions and the intended use of the space.

Your property’s basement may require waterproofing protection if the building is subject to groundwater pressure bearing on the structure. If left untreated, the water may be able to penetrate the building. This can cause the surfaces of the walls and floors to become damp and increases the risk of flooding.

When installed correctly, waterproofing systems can provide effective protection with a ten-year guarantee, although the system may require some maintenance.

What is a Type C Basement Waterproofing System?

Type C Basement waterproofing uses an internal water management system to provide protection against water ingress in usable spaces.

Also known as drained protection, Type C waterproofing systems allow groundwater to penetrate through the external wall or floor of the property as far as the cavity between the external shell of the structure and the internal lining or finish. The groundwater is then collected by a Cavity Drain Membrane and diverted into controlled drainage, either a pumping chamber or external land drain, before being disposed of safely.

The amount of free water penetrating the cavity will depend on the volume of external groundwater and the level of hydrostatic pressure, as well as the resistance of the structure to water ingress. This makes the design and risk assessment stage of installing the waterproof system essential in order to avoid the constant supply of contaminated water to the structure, and the risk of flooding due to blockage.

Cavity Drain Membranes can be installed externally or internally to the walls and floors of the basement. Type C Basement Waterproofing systems are suitable for all structure types and are now often the preferred protection method against groundwater ingress due to its relatively low defect risk and easy, flexible installation.

At Refresh PSC, we’re recognised as registered installers of Oldroyd, Safeguard and Delta Membrane basement waterproofing systems.

Contact Refresh PSC for a Type C Basement Waterproofing System (Drained Protection)

At Refresh Property Services and Consultants, we provide professional basement waterproofing systems throughout London.

Our experienced team of consultants, surveyors and installers offer a thorough and systematic approach to waterproof basement protection, including the application of dimpled membranes and drainage channels.

All of our waterproofing services adhere to British standards (BS8102:2009), from the design stage through to any remedial work and maintenance required. Our team of experts understand the importance of correct assessment and are CSSW accredited (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing).

With Refresh PSC, you can be sure to receive professional service and the most effective basement waterproofing solution for your property.

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